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Propane is one of the safest fuels for farmers because it is nontoxic and insoluble in water. There is no threat to aquifers or ground water supply and it quickly vaporizes within a pressured container to be released as a gas, thus eliminating spill, pool or residue.

When it comes to alternative fuels, propane is the most portable;
Storage tank placement for accessibility and specific needs or it can also be stored safely in portable tanks for convenience for the most remote areas of the farm.

Using propane has many agricultural uses and advantages because it is cost efficient, energy efficient, reliable and clean burning. Propane can be used for flame weeding, pest control, crop drying, irrigation pumps, poultry and pig brooding, crop heating, power generation and tractor fuel.

  • Flame Weeding provides higher yields per acre when using propane gas flame weeders.
  • Propane drying systems used for crop drying reduce equipment, fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Propane fueled irrigation pumps produce the equivalent amount of power as gasoline and diesel engines but have lower emissions and leave no toxic residues.
  • Infared propane brooders are used for poultry and pig brooding because they are more efficient and stay warmer with less heat than forced-air furnaces. Fuel costs for propane brooders can be up to 25 percent less than fuel costs for forced-air furnaces.
  • Propane heaters can be used for long periods of time and produce enough heat to save valuable crops from being ruined in an unexpected cold spell. Propane heaters are also used in many greenhouses.
  • There are many benefits of using propane motor fuel in tractors. Costs of maintenance can be much lower than gasoline or diesel powered tractors and engine life may be extended. Because propane has a much higher octane rate than gasoline, farmers may be able to pull larger equipment with properly modified engines that have been converted to propane.

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