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More than one million business and commercial establishments— such as hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and laundromats — use
propane for heating and cooling air, cooking and refrigerating food, heating water, and lighting.

For hotels, restaurants, retail, new construction, manufacturing processes, and many more commercial uses, BP Propane supplies:

¦ Winter Heating
¦ Piping Design & Installation Services
¦ Temporary Boiler Services
¦ Construction Heating Services
¦ Transport Deliveries
¦ On-Site Safety and Training

Many Calgary and rural area companies depend on BP Propane to save money and keep their business running smoothly. We offer friendly customer care. BP Propane's prompt and reliable service gives our customers peace of mind. When necessary, 24-7 emergency fuel delivery is available.

BP Propane offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for commercial and industrial operations. Some of the many uses of propane energy include: motor vehicles, forklifts, generators, manufacturing processes, heat, cooking, water heating, commercial dryers and kilns, boilers and standby systems.

Propane is a green, clean-burning, reliable energy source. Reliability is a key factor you can count on from BP Propane.

Please call us 403. 285.1808 to discuss your propane needs or, contact us online anytime.

BP Propane Supplier
Supplier of Propane to Calgary / Rural Calgary / Rural Alberta / Southern Alberta since 1994.

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